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Home Exterior Washing, Low Pressure Washing  Pressure Washing, Roof Cleaning/Treatments, Gutter Spouting Cleaning Mount Manganui, Tauranga, Bethlehem, Papamoa, Waihi Beach, Omokoroa, Katikati

House Cleaning 

Looking for a way to protect your most valuable asset?

Look no further than Bay House Washing!


We specialize in low pressure washing, or soft washing, to clean your house's exterior without damaging it.


Our specially formulated solution breaks down dirt, grime, and mould, and our team rinses it off with low-pressure water, leaving your home looking clean, sparkling, and revitalized.


Regular house washing can improve the value of your home, prevent long-term damage, and prepare your surface for a new coat of paint.


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What is Soft Washing?

Having your home's exterior professionally cleaned by Bay House Washing  is a great way to protect your investment and keep your home looking its best.


Our low pressure washing technique, known as soft washing, is a safe and effective way to clean your home's exterior without damaging the paint or surface.


We apply a specially formulated solution that breaks down dirt, grime and mould, and then rinse it off with low-pressure water. This leaves your home looking clean, sparkling and revitalized.


Improve your Building's Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is your guests first impression.


Whether you're looking to sell or lease out your space, having your house or building washed can help improve the value of the structure and prevent costly construction down to the road.

Prevents Long-Term Damage to your Houses Exterior

Mold and Mildew gradually build up on the outside of your home, so they are easy to overlook.

They can damage the surface layer of your home and even eat away organic surfaces like wood.


Regular house washing removes them before they can do serious damage.

Planning to repaint the exterior of your house?

Pressure washing is essential and necessary to prepare and make sure that your existing surface is ready for a new fresh coat of paint.


Pressure washing removes all dirt and broken down paint residues so new paint will properly bond to your house exterior surfaces.

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