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Deck Treatments


Revamp your deck today

Is your deck in need of good maintenance or lost its lustre?  If a deck is not maintained well, it can quickly become a health and safety hazard. 

Selling your home or inviting people over can be unbearable if your deck is not up to scratch.

Restore your deck to its original beauty by removing dirt, moss, grime and old dead wood fibres.

We have a comprehensive wood staining process that will help your deck and outdoor surfaces reach their true potential.

Our wood staining process for decks:

  • Pre Clean - We remove moss, debris, algae and lichen from the wood before the deep clean.  We also nail down all the nails that are protruding upwards from the surface.

  • Deep Clean - Then comes water blasting which removes all dead wooden fibres and makes sure the surface is completely clean before the staining

  • Staining - Once the deck is dried, we use an oil based stain over the surface. Oil based stains are great for penetrating into the timber and preserving and protecting as well as being a great fungicide preventing mould and slime,.  we apply two to three coats of stain depending on the timber condition and the colour required.

  • Painting -  If you do not like the look or feel of wood fibres then we would suggest that you paint over the stain. Paint acts as a layer on top of the stain and provides the ultimate protection against the environment.

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